Republicans and Obamacare

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have an increasingly difficult task amid schisms over whether Obamacare repeal should merely save money, or cut premiums, or preserve some form of the law’s coverage gains.

This week, three centrist House Republicans said they would vote against the bill in its current form.

The most immediate concern is ensuring a repeal bill can pass the House.

A quicker phaseout would also be frowned upon by the Senate, where more than a dozen senators are worried about how low-income people and elderly constituents will be treated by the House proposal.

Senators are considering taking whatever the House is able to pass and beefing up tax credits for low-income people to help bring down premiums and increase coverage numbers, multiple Republican sources said.

That’s unlikely to go over well in the House, which is generally more conservative than the Senate.

The House would have to vote on any changes made by the Senate.

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